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Dr. Jan Seabaugh explains the process of a balloon sinuplasty to treat chronic sinusitis. This process allows for an expansion of the sinus opening with no cutting or removal of tissue.


Angie Wooden  performs a Venus Viva treatment. Venus Viva is used to resurface the skin and can help with many skin issues such as fine lines/wrinkles, large pore size, and scarring. For more information about our services completed using the Venus Viva treatment method, please visit our services page.

I feel better than I have for a very long time. I am breathing so much better. I am sleeping better. I no longer have all that drainage in my throat making me snort and clear my throat. I am very happy my doctor sent me to you.


I am breathing so much better now! I can’t believe all the stuff that came out of my sinuses. I wish someone had recommended this a lot sooner.

MS, 3/5/18
My breathing is so much better! My sense of taste improved. My sense of smell is better. My asthma is better.
BH, 5/17/17

The balloon was fantastic.  It REALLY helped!

JJ, 3/1/18

I am feeling great! I was having horrible headaches every day. I haven’t had one headache since the balloon procedure. I am so happy!

MJ, 6/17/17

I am really happy. I am breathing much easier. That lump in my throat is gone. My sinus pressure is all gone. Everything is draining well. I had no discomfort whatsoever during the procedure or afterward. I never took any of the medication. I really appreciate what you did for me.

MW, 3/13/18

The balloon did wonders for me.

JF, Three years after Balloon Sinuplasty

My nose is PERFECT. My breathing is so EASY! My wife no longer complains about my snoring.

JJ, One year after Balloon Sinuplasty

I am so much better. I have had no bronchitis. My breathing is great! There is much less drainage.

PD, 1/17

I had a cough for four months. I have had no sinus pain. I’ve had no cough since I walked out of here. It’s a miracle. I am telling all my friends.

RG, 8/16

I am breathing a lot better. My ear stopped draining and my hearing improved. The headache and pressure are gone.

EA, 3/17

I am breathing so much better. The pressure is gone. The irrigations are working better. The ear pain is GONE. The tight feeling in my nose is gone.

MF, 3/17

My sense of smell has improved. Everything seems fresher. There is much less sinus pressure.

AR, 2/17

I love it! My breathing is better. My cough is gone. I am sleeping better.

MZ, 5/17

I am breathing better than I ever have.

RK, 5/17

The balloon did wonders for me. I am breathing so much better. I gave away my CPAP machine.

JP, 2/17

I am much better. I have had far fewer sinus infections.

KS, 2/17

My headaches are gone!!! The pressure is gone. I am very happy. Thank you for helping me.

BS, 2/17

That balloon sinuplasty really changed my life. It really did. Thank you.

MM, 11/16

I’ve had much fewer headaches and a lot less gunk.

SH, 2/17

The pressure is gone. My sense of smell is back.

ST, 1/17

I can’t believe how much air I get through my nose! I haven’t had a headache since the procedure.

LW, 11/16

Before the procedure, I had an ENG, CT, MRI and neurologist consult to evaluate my dizziness. That was all normal. I haven’t had any dizziness since the balloon.


My breathing is so much better. I didn’t realize how different it has been. And my vision is better.

SC, 9/16

My breathing is a LOT better. No snoring!

SM, 9/16

I’ve had no headache! No trouble breathing! I am VERY happy!

JL, 10/16

I can actually breathe through the left side of my nose, and I haven’t been able to for years. My nose has never really worked right, until now.

RK, 1/17

I am breathing a lot better. I no longer have to use my CPAP (for sleep apnea). My brother is thinking about doing it.

Wife: “It has changed his life.”

JP, 8/10/16

I want to thank you so much for saving my life. Before I came to you I was so sick for so long. I couldn’t think straight. I almost ended my life I was so desperate. They just kept throwing more meds at me which just made me feel worse. The sinus infections were so bad, I thought my head was going to explode. That surgery you did was a Godsend. It changed my life. My husband will tell you the same thing. This is the first time I’ve been sick since then, and I wouldn’t even call this sick.

BH, 12/20/17
My breathing is so much better now. My sinus pressure is basically gone. It used to last for months. I can feel a drastic difference.
AV, 4/10/18

The balloon worked GREAT! My sinuses are all cleared up. It worked a lot better than surgery

LH, 4/4/18

I haven’t had a sinus headaches since the procedure!

LJ, 3/28/18

My breathing is much better! My headache is gone. (The balloon) really helped a bunch. My airflow is much better.

EY, 3/28/18

My sinus pressure is gone. My head feels lighter. I have a lot more energy. I feel like doing something now.

MH, 5/16/18
I have a patient who has been sick for a year and a half, missing work all the time because of daily fever, severe fatigue, and a pounding headache. She couldn’t think straight. Couldn’t focus on her job. She had to go on short term disability while her insurance company drug their feet, denying coverage for the treatment she needed.

After MUCH effort and appeals, she was able to undergo inoffice balloon sinuplasty. I saw her today for her postop appointment. Her HEADACHE IS GONE! She is breathing better and sleeping better. She is back to work, and very happy.

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